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November 2019
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Hired go cart


Many sports fans would like to try go-cart but they do not have their own cars. This cannot be a problem as you can rent go-carts from us, so our guests can enjoy the beauty of this sport without investing huge amounts on it. Driving a go-cart is an amazing experience as you can live through the buzz of racing in a fuel-steam just a couple centimetres from asphalt with a close connection with the machine.
Our go-cart ring is 600 meters long. With its 8 meters width it is appropriate for practice as well as racing. Our go-cart ring has provided home for many professional go-cart events.
Details of available go-carts:
– 8 Viper Go-cart (Honda, 1.4 horsepower, 260 cm3 and 2 children go-cart (8 horsepower, 50 cm3)