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July 2018
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Go Cart, hired go cart


Many sports fans would like to try go-cart but they do not have their own cars. This cannot be a problem as you can rent go-carts from us, so our guests can enjoy the beauty of this sport without investing huge amounts on it. Driving a go-cart is an amazing experience as you can live through the buzz of racing in a fuel-steam just a couple centimetres from asphalt with a close connection with the machine.
Our go-cart ring is 600 meters long. With its 8 meters width it is appropriate for practice as well as racing. Our go-cart ring has provided home for many professional go-cart events.
Details of available go-carts:
- 8 Viper Go-cart (Honda, 1.4 horsepower, 260 cm3 and 2 children go-cart (8 horsepower, 50 cm3)

There are two different price lists for the go-cart ring, if you use your own go-cart or hire it from us. Prices can be found in the charts below. In case you would like to alter from the time schedule or you would like to use the track with different conditions please write e-mail: or call: +36 29 310 320.





Own  Go cart; price of 2016

Vehicle Full  day Morning Afternoon 1/2 day 1 hour
Go cart (own) 21.600 Ft - - 14.400 Ft -